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Monday, January 25, 2010

Been a busy day..............

The Queen:

Today we had quite a busy day organizing some more materials. Princess Der has been wanting to revisit some of our old videos. I just boxed them all up and put them in storage in the area reserved for the stuff for my yard sale I plan on having in the Spring . I mean, no one has looked at those movies in quite sometime. But the Princess see's them, and her interest is reignited.

It was quite interesting the amount of movie and books that will interest the Little Man and even help teach him. For those who don't know, Little Man is my grandson, nephew to the Princess. He's here quite often.

The princess found quite a bit to interest her, as well. She busied herself right away with old magazines. She cut out all kinds of cool girl stuff (shoes, purses, etc...) and glued them onto a paper for a collage.

We found a good book about the human body, and one about amazing facts. I guess I've always had the homeschooling mentality, always buying "educational" toys and books. I must get it from my Grandmother. She homeschooled my two uncles, who had hemophilia. They were both smart as whips, but in different ways.

Tonight The Princess and I went to the store and got her a couple of big plastic bins to hold stuff. She's getting ready for puppy day, less than two weeks away! Not that her room is too bad. It seems since homeschooling, she has taken some pride in her room and been keeping it pretty clean.

Yesterday, the Princess went to breakfast with her fave cousin & his new wife. Then they went to a movie. I don't want to spoil it for you- I'll let the Princess tell you herself- although it will probably be tomorrow!

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  1. Wow. Congrats on having such a fun homeschool! I'm 17 and currently 'teach' myself aka i have dusty books over there and 20 notebooks, 200 fiction novels, and hundreds of beaderies and drawing on my walls. It's amazing your mum supports you like she does! Well, I just wanted to say good luck!