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Friday, January 22, 2010

Student becomes teacher..........

The Queen

Yesterday, I had to have some medical tests, so The Princess did her weekly thing with KK, the 6 yr. old that she helps homeschool. Here, Princess tells about her day:

The Princess:
Well, KK had a dentist appointment about 30 minutes after I got there. So I had to watch Maymay. He is a good boy and I love that crazy kid. When KK and her mom got home about two and a half hours later, maymay was sleeping. But of course I'm not the one who got him to sleep! His older sister linds got him to sleep. When the boys got home about an hour later, wii played the wii!! It was the game band hero. I stink at playing the guitar!!!! : -)  : -)

The Queen:

Today Princess Der and I are going on a field trip to a local science museum. More later.....

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