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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Math and a homeschooling conference!

Yesterday the Princess helped me go through coupons and go shopping. Some weeks, she does all the clipping and organizing. She is getting pretty good at comparing prices as well.

I know the Princess has to take some tests this year, although I have no idea if it's every subject or just some. When shopping yesterday, I picked up a workbook that has information on the tests, test-taking tips, terminology you should know, and sample tests with answers in the back.

I flipped through it and the Language arts looks pretty easy for a 7th grader (at least mine). Haven't checked any more out as far as that. I did start creating a game for her to help her with the terminology (most of which she probably knows :-) Ended up just putting the word on one side, the definition on the other. She can look at those until I figure out the game part.

Speaking of games...

I also bought a math game called Math Dice. It has 2 twelve sided dice, and 3 regular 6-sided dice.

You roll the two 12-sided dice to establish your "target" number. Then you roll the 3 dice. You have to use those numbers to get as close to the target number as you can. Everyone plays, by calling out the number they have. The closest wins.

You can add, subtract,multiply, divide, use "to the power", etc....

Example (from their directions) Target number is 28

Player one shouts: "25" -  (2+3) x5
Player two shouts: "30" -  2x3x5
Player one (again) shouts: "29" - 2 to  the 5th power (how DO you write that?) - 3
Player two (again) shouts: "27" (5-2) to the third power
Player one shouts (again) " 28" 5 to the 2nd power + 3 This hits it exactly and you get a point.

Anyhoo, we played it for about 10 minutes before bed- it was really fun! The Princess is playing it right now.

Is anyone going to the Northeast Unschooling Conference?

It is August 26-29 in Wakefield, Massachusets

$45.00 adults
$35.00 children
Family rates-( forgot how much! :-)

Hotel- $99 or $139.00

From what I can tell, the cost is for all presenters and funshops for the kids as well. Check it out:

I'm thinking about going- I just talked to the Princess about it. I told her she has to help me save $$$!

If you are going, let me know!

Well, it's snowing like a son of a gun, and I need to go feed the farm animals, the dogs and us!



  1. Just wanted to say the math dice game looks really interesting. Course, way over my kids heads yet. Love the idea.

  2. Just found your blog after seeing you mention it on CM. The math dice game sounds fun.

    By the way, the way to write it is (2^5)-3. The ^ is above the 6. Something I learned while trying to type math homework while taking a medical leave from school after having my daughter.