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Friday, January 22, 2010

Our field trip to the museum

Today, Princess Der and I went to the MOST (Museum of Science and Technology). The main exhibit was "Toothpick City". Here are a couple of pics of buildings made out of toothpicks- Amazing!

Lotus Temple!

Toothpick City!!

This exhibit was AMAZING! The artist, Stan Munro is a great artist. He has a website HERE

Princess Der could not wait to go to the shadow room. She had just been to the museum a few weeks ago, so she was flying around showing me stuff.

The Shadow Room.

In the shadow room, you pose against a wall- a flash goes off, and when you walk away, your shadow stays there. Really Cool!

The ferris wheel made out of k'nex!

We went in the the Egyptian Similator. You were in this thing like a train (?) and you are watching a movie and the train thingy is shaking and you feel like you are in the movie, racing through a pyrmid. It was really wild- I was surprised I didn't get ill!

We also went in the IMAX theater and saw the movie The Magic Of Flight. It was soooo coool! The movie is all around you- on the ceiling and walls. When the birds or a plane flew, you were right there flying with them.

That was so fun, that after we went to lunch, we watched ANOTHER movie, The Amazon. Holy Moley, they were flying over the Amazon, and you "were there". It was just such a neat thing.

We left the museum for lunch, and ended up going, of all places to Subway. It wasn't very good, sorry to say.

At the gift shop, I purchased a book called Planet Earth, the incredible visual guide. It has a little of everything. I could barely put it down to do this post!

There was so much more, but I should leave something for Princess Der to tell you. She put the pics up, then went & laid down. It's 7 p.m.- she's probably passed out. A lot of walking wears her out with her hip bothering her (the arthritis).

I'm sure she'll add more tomorrow.


P.S. Just had to share- Pricess Der has a penpal now. They haven't even gotten a letter from each other yet. Anyway, the new penpal lives in Nove Scotia. Princess Der got her a postcard at the museum.

She looked up Nove Scotia on the computer when we got home- it was  -12 degrees there! Brrrrr!

Tomorrow, we're going to see how far away it is and a few other facts.


  1. Wow, that museum looks amazing. Sometimes I wish I didn't live out in the middle of nowhere, where it takes us 1-2 hours to get anywhere decent.

    I saw your link to your blog on the forum and decided to stop by. I am not sure what approach we are going to take with homeschooling. I have been reading up on unschooling, but myself I feel I don't have the personality to go fully unschool. I think we will be more relaxed though. Right now the little ones are 3 and 18 months, so we do projects and such.
    This is my blog, if you ever want to stop on by:

  2. What a great field trip! Wish you were homeschooling me. I love things like that.

    Really, I think its great that you are homeschooling. I've heard more and more about how much more advanced the kids are who are schooled at home. Keep up the good work.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  3. Stopping by from MBC. Someone really had some patience to put those toothpick sculptures together! Amazing! Aren't field trips great? They play a huge part in my educational philosophy.

    If you're interested, I'm starting a field trip meme on my blog this Friday- you could link up.