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Friday, January 29, 2010

Field Trip Friday

Our day started with a trip to the Oncology Center. We're all fine, but I need to be monitored. 3 years ago, I had my left kidney and spleen surgically removed  because of a tumor.

The city I had to go to is a pretty touristy town- at least in the summer. When researching somewhere to go for a field trip, I found most places closed for the winter.

We DID go window shopping though! Keeping in with the "roadschooling" thing, we went window shopping looking at RV's and travel trailers. When I showed Princess some of the websites from families that travel, she wanted to go check out some traveling homes. I thought, "Why not?" Except it was c-o-l-d!

So we looked at a few models they had displayed inside, and talked to a saleman for quite a while. When we got home, we checked out all the models on the Internet. We were impressd at some of the space some had!

I think I would really want a master bedroom (fo' momma!) and a small bedroom for the Princess. I liked the homes that had almost full sized kitchens.

Oh, to dream! Definitely something to think about saving for!

But if you're looking for a REAL field trip, check out our trip to the science museum last week!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That field trip to Charlie Brown was in Nashville TN. They do a different ice every year. Last year was the Grinch!

  2. Carolee, Thanks for linking up and participating in Field Trip Friday! We used to take trips to look at campers too! LOL Now that we live in one we don't dare look because I'm afraid we'd be dissatisfied! We toured a 5th wheel last year that was like a dream home! And it certainly had the full size kitchen, with an island! It also had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a we don't look anymore. The motor home we live in isn't nearly that spacious, but then we didn't pay $70,000 for it either! Blessings!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my homeschool blog. :) This trip sounds really cool and relaxed. I would love to work more trips like this in, maybe as the weather warms up...